Friday, 5 October 2012

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FRM’s Current Preferred Hedge Fund Strategies
In its latest outlook, FRM, Man Group’s $19.5 billion fund of hedge funds and managed accounts business,  identifies three potential sources of return for hedge funds. The preferences that FRM expresses are based on a specific market outlook.

Cautious Welcome For JOBS Act Proposals
New rules under the proposed JOBS Act are expected to bring dramatic changes to the marketing of hedge funds in the United States.

If there are no such things as coincidences then this dialectic was meant to be seen.  Two opposing views on the oil price came into "Hedge Fund Insight" with 24 hours. Take a read and take a view.

Oil Price To Continue Rising
Says Angelos Damaskos, CEO Sector Investment Managers - read his case here.

Oil Faces Risk Of New 2012 Low
Says Stephen Pope, Managing Partner of Spotlight Ideas - read his case here.

Gold Miners To Outperform Gold
It was quite surprising how well the gold view worked over the last weeks. Obviously, it was greatly supported by the major financial powers of this world. Firstly Mr. Draghi with the announcement of the “unlimited” purchase of government bonds in the Euro-Zone followed by Mr. Bernanke who announced a further disguised QE3 which focuses on the purchase of MBS to the tune of 40 billion US-Dollar.

Physical gold did make the move and begins to tackle the former resistance levels around 1800 followed by 1900. The whole focus continues on gold as investors are assessing the real impact of the money printing on both sides of the Atlantic. However, there are more forgotten sides to the gold trade which are not in the limelight of investors.

Mr Bernanke Goes For Broke
By Stephen Lewis, Chief Economist, Monument Securities

At his press conference yesterday following the FOMC meeting, Mr Bernanke was intent on pointing out that monetary policy is no panacea.  This has been his constant refrain recently, a plea for clemency perhaps in any judgment of the Federal Reserve’s limited success in meeting the terms of its mandate.  Yet, the Bernanke-led Fed continues to act as though it still believes monetary policy alone can turn round the US economy and restore it to full employment.  That is the logic of the FOMC’s decision, should the labour market not improve substantially, to ‘continue its purchases of agency mortgage-backed securities (MBS), undertake additional asset purchases, and employ its other policy tools as appropriate until such improvement is achieved in the context of price stability’.  This statement presupposes that Fed asset purchases will eventually bring about the desired strengthening in the labour market.  The FOMC does not countenance a situation where the Fed might continue its asset purchases until the cows come home, without achieving the substantial improvement in labour market conditions that it seeks.  Yet, this is a scenario that those who monitor the Fed’s actions increasingly regard as plausible, if not probable.


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