About Simon Kerr & Enhance Consulting

Simon Kerr attended his first HF conference in 1996. He is an experienced hedge fund executive who has worked at a fund of hedge funds provider and in three single-manager hedge fund businesses, including his own, Blackfish Capital. His hedge fund consultancy, Enhance Consulting, has tended to carry out three sorts of project - working with portfolio managers on risk management, portfolio construction and research payoff (trader training for PMs); working with owners of HF businesses on strategic developments; and high-level marketing related projects. Simon has written for "The Hedge Fund Journal" magazine since its 2004 launch, and is the author of a book on the European hedge fund industry. His background is in portfolio management, risk management and derivatives at institutional investors. He has also spent a year with Oriel Securities carrying out hedge fund research and top-down investment idea generation specifically for hedge funds.

Marketing Related Projects
Detailed Market Surveys
Hedge Fund Product Positioning
Hedge Fund Demand Briefings

Strategic Level Projects
Research for a sector-specific fund of hedge funds CDO
Board level review of strategic options for one of Europe’s first generation hedge fund managers
Decision Making Route Map for of Funds of Hedge Funds (buy or build)

Investment Process Projects
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As a “hedge fund doctor” has improved the investment processes and risk management of hedge funds that are not succeeding commercially. For example, has re-modelled the risk management information flows of a hedge fund management company with a range of funds employing different strategies. Repeat business from quoted companies, fifteen projects in total. The flyer and article below give more detail.

See this flyer for more details on Enhance Consulting projects (opens in new page - can be downloaded from there).

The article below, from "The Hedge Fund Journal" describes a typical project.