Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Opportunity to Attend a Master Class with Trader Vic

I've known of Victor Sperandeo for a long time now – I first read of him in "New Market Wizards" (incidentally I can heartily recommend both Market Wizard books by Jack Schwager), and he is featured in Barrons periodically. He has been described as the trader's trader, and I was getting quite excited when I was told that he is running a traders' Master Class next month. So I was disappointed when I enquired and I found out it is running in New York, and I wouldn't be able to get along myself. However, as a friend of mine has set this up, and he himself is a trader trainer I know this is going to be a very interesting day to participate in, if you are a professional trader.

In investing and trading there are very few opportunities to enhance your learning except by doing beyond a certain point. So this is an unusual chance to meet a well-regarded experienced trader who is prepared to share some of his own trading style and what rules he has given himself. I am told that Victor will be sharing material that is not included in his books, and anyone going along will have the chance to engage with Victor and get beyond the superficial. There is a whole programme that will run 9-6.00, so it will be intense at times, but course material etcetera is included.

If you contact me (via s-kerr@tiscali.co.uk) I can forward details and get a discount for anyone that comes through me. It looks suitable for trading firms to offer to an employee/partner as a thank you bonus to an investment professional that has had a good 2010. I wish I was going to be there!

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