Sunday, 11 April 2010

Clarium Redux - Still Arguing with Markets, Still Losing

I am grateful to the website market folly ( for this input on Clarium Capital, the global macro fund manager.

Peter Thiel, source:Bloomberg

" Even more shocking perhaps is that the downward spiral at Peter Thiel's hedge fund Clarium Capital has continued. ZeroHedge noted that Clarium lost 6.1% in the first three weeks of March and was now down 5.4% for the year. This all comes as US equity markets are up over 6.4% for 2010. We're not quite sure what's going on over there but after a fantastic start to the fund, the last few years have been quite rough on them, to put it politely. They were down 25% in 2009 according to our hedge fund performance numbers post. However, as of the recent performance data, they were still up 210% since inception.

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