Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Apologies to Polar Capital

In a recent post ("Lack of Transparency Traduced") I mentioned that on-shore products would do well to follow the example of hedge funds in regard to communications with investors. UCITS III funds are the new vehicles for fully regulated absolute return funds from asset management companies, and as an example of incomplete communication I mentioned an absolute return product from Polar Capital, having seen a monthly newsletter.

I had not appreciated that I was in receipt of an edited version of more full monthly letter. So my apologies to the managers of the Fund and Polar Capital's marketers that their efforts were mis-represented. It turns out that the same sort of information is provided by the firm for its hedge funds and its absolute return range.

I hope the information provision by Polar sets a good example for those that launch absolute return UCITS products in the future, following the high standard set in the hedge fund industry.

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